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Jack and Amy with Pixie the Dev Cat

Our Team

Our passion is working together to create fast and reliable Chrome extensions.

We use top-down product design and development best practices to create a product that clients and users can both love and trust.

  • Jack Steam

    Chrome Extension Engineer

    Jack Steam has a passion for creating powerful and efficient tools to improve the browsing experience for all. He is an open source maintainer for the GitHub organization ExtendChrome, as well as an indie hacker and Chrome extension developer.

    His favorite tools are TypeScript, RxJS, React, Rollup, and XState. An enthusiastic foodie and baker, Jack loves hiking and camping in his time away from the computer.

  • Amy Steam

    Project Manager

    Meet Amy Steam. She is our project manager and makes sure each new project hits the market with the features our users need. Customer success and user experience are two terms that get her the most excited.

    A native of Santiago, Chile, Amy has been fluent in both Spanish and English since an early age. Amy takes ownership of our clients' success. When not in the office, you'll find her basking in the sun or next to the campfire.

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